The Mas Saint Florent is moving... after 15 years of existence.

After 15 years of meetings, exchanges, friendships where we exchanged laughters, anecdotes but also good meals and beautiful moments not to mention your laziness in the pool, a page turns for the Mas Saint Florent which closed its doors on December 31, 2022.

We hope to welcome you in a new life project, a new space still in Arles. Another address so another style certainly different, which will keep the story you knew but will also evolve towards new horizons that you can discover in May 2023.

As you are curious people, the place will be at 2243 route d'Eyguieres, 1 km from the Mas Saint Florent on the road to Maussane les Alpilles and will be called Villa Blanche.
So you will always be at the gates of Arles, the Camargue and the Alpilles (Maussane-les-Alpilles, the Beaux de Provence, Saint Remy de Provence, etc.).

Thank you all, everyone, welcome, in a few months. We are working hard to welcoming you in May 2023, and apologize in advance if everything is not perfect for this year, but we would like to share this project with you as soon as possible.

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2581 route de la Crau
13280 Arles
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We answer your questions

Will you still be affiliated with the "Collectionneurs"?

Yes we keep our adhesion to "Collectionneurs", we remain in the label charter.

Can we book in 2023?

For the moment reservations are closed on the internet. You can contact us at +33(0)490970279

Where can I follow you?

You can follow us on

What's the adress of the new project Villa Blanche?

2243 route d'eyguieres 13280 Arles.

What will be the novelties of "Villa Blanche"?

In order not to repeat the history of the Mas Saint Florent we start with a Mallet Stevens style architecture. You will of course find the warm atmosphere of our decoration.

Booking 2023

For the moment reservations are closed on the internet. You can contact us at

+33 (0)4 90 97 02 79

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